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    1. Forum News and Help Desk

      SkywarnForum.com news, policies and the board to request forum support and give suggestions.

    2. Skywarn Community

      Discuss the National Skywarn Storm Spotter program, spotter training, storm spotter gear and equipment and other spotter activities here.

    3. Weather and Chasing

      Discuss general weather and meteorology, storm chasing, hurricanes and related here.

    4. Amateur Radio

      Discuss amateur radio, HAM radio and Skywarn association to amateur radio here, share call signs, talk ham gear, post media content with your setups and more here.

    5. The War Room

      Discuss target area weather events - please keep one thread per entire event.

    6. Member Lounge

      Discuss anything here that is not related to Skywarn or weather such as life, sports, debate, news and current events.

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